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Is the unsightly buildup on your pool tile taking away from your backyard’s natural beauty? Over time, tanning lotions, body oils and excess calcium can build up on the tile and stone. This creates an unsightly scum line or white scale in your swimming pool or spa. Calcium is notorious for creating a heavy buildup on the water line and especially in. Tucson.

Tucson Pool Detail Professionals That Care

We can remove that calcium line plaguing your pool or spa and restore it to like new. Our pool tile cleaning system uses a soft, naturally mined mineral. The mineral safely removes scale and stains without causing damage to the tile.






A pool acid wash is sometimes necessary to remove the minor staining and residue buildup on the plaster surfaces of a pool or spa. Naturally occurring minerals and metals are present in every Tucson swimming pool and spa. When sanitizers, acid and other chemically manufactured treatment products are added incorrectly, these minerals and metals can wreak havoc on the appearance of a pool or spa. In most cases, the unexpected roughness and discoloration of the surface area is a result of calcium deposits that have collected over time. A simple field test can be used to confirm this, and a mild pool acid wash process can be applied to restore the pool or spa surface to its original luster.

What is a Pool Acid Wash?

A pool acid wash removes most, if not all, of the discoloration and build up on the surface area. Although the process is effective and will usually restore the look of the surface of a pool or spa, an acid wash treatment is not intended to be a permanent solution. Tucson swimming pools and spas that have not been used or that have not received regular care and maintenance can certainly benefit from an acid wash. This treatment is often the first step in assessing further damage that may have occurred as a result of neglect or improper care. During our field test, an expert will be able to determine if the surface area can be restored using the acid wash method. If discoloration has not resulted from calcium, the pool or spa may need to be polished or resurfaced rather than acid washed. After the acid wash, pool maintenance experts will confirm if there is evidence of any additional damage or cause for concern.

When do I Need a Pool Acid Wash?

A pool or spa acid wash process is used to remove slight to moderate discoloration along the steps, benches, bottom and sides of a pool or spa. Although the acid washing method may appear easy to a novice user, the process is very delicate and potentially dangerous if not conducted with due diligence. Using the incorrect ration of acid solution to water could severely damage and even destroy the surface of the pool or spa. Rather than taking a chance on incurring the cost of a complete plaster replacement, pool and spa owners should leave the acid wash process to the professionals.

Our Pool Acid Wash Process

If a pool acid wash is the appropriate solution and our estimate is accepted, we will schedule the job. Our pool restoration experts will begin by draining the pool or hot tub. Once empty we will prepare the acid solution and the surface area. Practicing safety measures is an essential part of the job when dealing with potentially hazardous toxic chemical compounds. After completing the acid wash the pool can be refilled.  The typical pool acid wash procedure is usually completed within one or two days, depending on the size of the area and whether we are providing the drain and restart.


Owning a pool or hot tub requires a certain amount of routine maintenance. This ensures that the water chemistry is balanced, the electrical and filter equipment are operating properly and the surface retains a smooth and attractive appearance. Over time, the plaster surface finish can become unsightly and rough to the touch. This effect is usually caused by an excess of calcium deposits that build up on the surface of a pool or hot tub. Plaster polishing is the process required to remove the gritty calcium scale and smooth out the overall roughness. Among the many other expert pool restoration services offered to pool owners in Tucson, pool plaster polishing is one of the specialties performed by Tucson Pool Detail professionals.  The occurrence of this pool surface roughness may point to a number of factors, such as poor water treatment during the start-up process, lack of proper chemical maintenance, or simply the advancing age of the pool surface. The surface is not only unsightly, but also uncomfortable. The sandpapery texture is difficult to walk or sit on, and may even become sharp in some areas. It is quite possible for someone to inadvertently cut or scrape their hands and feet by coming into contact with the damaged plaster. Many of the pools or hot tubs in the Tucson area that have damaged plaster can be treated with our pool polishing procedures to correct current roughness and prevent future damage.

Eliminates Calcium Build-up and Discoloration

When homeowners and property managers first notice roughness and discoloration on their swimming pool or hot tub surface they become concerned. If this worry and panic creates a sense of helplessness, they may look for a quick fix resulting with a botched, amateur, surface repair. It is possible to carefully sand down the surface of a pool or hot tub to reduce the rough appearance and restore the condition. However if the restoration process is too aggressive, or the underlying cause of the calcium buildup is not addressed, the surface repair may not be successful. Calcium can begin to form along the sidewalls and bottom surface of the pool or hot tub if the water chemical imbalance is not continually resolved with proper pool maintenance.

Tucson Pool Detail recommends using only a professional pool service company to determine the best option for repairing or replacing damaged plaster. In many cases, a light resurfacing is all that is need to restore the smooth surfaces of a pool or hot tub. Expert resurfacing saves homeowners and property managers the time and cost associated with a complete replacement. Rough, damaged, and worn surfaces become like new after a plaster resurfacing and polishing project performed by the professionals at Tucson Pool Detail.  Our gentle approach of polishing a pool or spa surface is an effective way to restore a smooth plaster finish after calcium buildup problems have occurred. Because the plaster finishes on swimming pools and hot tubs are vulnerable to possible destruction as a result of ill-equipped resurfacing methods, San Diego residents are strongly advised against performing these sensitive procedures on their own. Many well meaning homeowners accidentally cause serious damage by penetrating through too many layers of the the plaster in an attempt to polish away unsightly bumps. As industry leaders in calcium removal, we can view the condition of a pool or spa to determine whether the surface could be transformed to a smooth finish through polishing or if resurface job is necessary.

What To Expect From Pool Plaster Polishing

Generally, the extent of the plaster damage and the overall surface area will determine how long a polishing or resurfacing project will take to complete. For example, a typical job for a hot tub plaster polishing in the Tucson area will take only a few hours to complete. However, larger projects such as an entire swimming pool may require up to an entire day or two to complete. The pool plaster polishing process involves draining the water from the pool or hot tub. We make every attempt to complete a project within a single day so the the body of water can be refilled as soon as possible.  After a plaster polishing or restoration project is complete, it is important for homeowners or property managers to accurately maintain the water chemistry. This will not only prevent the harmful calcium buildup, but will also eliminate unpleasant odors, and avoid unnecessary cleaning due to algae. A regular cleaning schedule is also a requirement for excellent water health.  Tucson Pool Detail can have the surface of just about any swimming pool or hot tub smooth and looking like new. Our pool polishing process involves a specialized pneumatic polishing tool with a diamond polishing pad attachment powered by compressed air.


Do you have an existing overlay over your pool deck that has cracking and flaking issues? Does it need resealing, recoloring, or refinishing? Regardless of the brand of the existing overlay on your surface, we are here to help. We use the product line Xcel Surfaces that is 100% acrylic surface applied to a solid concrete base.  It is stronger and lasts longer than plain concrete or old-style concrete surfacing.  Xcel Surfaces requires no heavy equipment for installation. Xcel Surfaces is highly-resistant to most stains and mildew. Xcel Surfaces can be applied over a wide variety of surface areas ranging from interior, exterior, and residential, to commercial.  We have many different colors to choose from.

Benefits of Cool Deck Coatings

One of the main reasons why Excel Surfaces works bests is that it is able to reflect more heat, around 30%, than any other type of pool deck coating or material. Here are other noteworthy benefits of applying a coating on existing concrete surface:  The acrylic concrete coating used on pool decks are sprayed and knocked down with a trowel, resulting in a texture that creates air pockets underfoot.  It features a slip-resistant texture that prevents slips and falls, even when it is wet.  The coating is effective in covering up signs of deck repair as well as marks of stains and discoloration.  It is an affordable method of updating the look and restoring the existing deck.