Frequently Asked Questions

What is the white ring around my pool line and rocks?
This is usually a calcium carbonate build up known as scale. As water quickly evaporates in Tucson our hard water leaves behind all dissolved minerals which attach to the sides of your pool. Unfortunately our water is hard and evaporates quickly.

Can’t I just clean my tile with a pumice stone?
Yes you can. However we don’t recommend using pumice stones. Not only does cleaning with a pumice stone take a lot of time and effort, it usually ends up scratching the tile. Unfortunately we see this all the time. So even though I spent many summers cleaning my parents pool with a pumice stone… this is a much faster, easier method that doesn’t risk damaging your tile.

Whats so special about your service?
We use a system similar to sand blasting, but for pools. Low pressure compressed air (around 40 PSI) combined with a special compound that dissolves in the water after it strips the calcium off the tile.

Do I need to drain my pool and waste all that water?
Typically no and no. We may need to lower your water line just a bit to get to all the stuff that we are trying to remove. In most cases we can put this water in a holding tank and then put it back into your pool. Yeah earth!

Is Pebble Tec able to be cleaned?
Yep, no problem. Cleaning Pebble Tec is not a problem.

Is there any wait time before I can use my pool?
No and yes. You can use your pool right away but it typically takes 12-24 hours for everything to dissolve and look pristine.